by Dino Villani

Angelo Marchetti showed in all his drawings and paints exhibited in the “La Cripta” Galery his engagment to show the Man in his effort to to be free from the weight and constrains of the matter, in order to discover again the pure expirit of the birth. Drawings are made by border lines only to remark the expression of the persons, whilist for the paints the Artist used all the means in order to be more effective (strong drawings, daring perspectives, lively contrasts, vibrant colours, closed compositions). A serious Artist fighting his battle like a Crusade: with authority and firmness, and improving his artistic maturity with the awareness that it is possible to be more convincing by a persuasive language.”


Angelo Marchetti op 132

by Renato Cuzzoni

Biography and artistic personality: Angelo Marchetti was born on January 10th, 1930, in Milan, Italy (but only a day later he was registered at the city’s registry office). Alternating his work as a painter with that as sculptor and etcher, Angelo Marchetti created a peculiar expressive language in which it is hard to disentangle the subdued drawing style from the plastic and chromatic components. In the exaggerated, deliberately deformed, irregular character of his figures it is easy to perceive a multitude of stimuli in which exuberance and instinct assert themselves at very step, almost to testify to the psychological turmoil which continuously grabs the human being wandering – spinte vel sponte – under the impenetrable veil of his existence. "My intention" – says the Milanese artist – "is to search, search, and continue to search for the logical reason for which I am in the condition and position of human being. To move outside myself by some means, in my case the figurative image, and at the same time to evaluate the positive gifts and the negative stimuli on my intimate character – positive, as a recognition that I truly feel them as such; negative, in all their acceptation." A diarchic component seems to be ever present in the works of the artist who speaks of incessant struggles between hedonism and suffering, good and Evil, Ormudz and Ahriman, which (we must unfortunately agree) are the irrepressible heritage of the existential burden that we carry within us. The logic that Marchetti puts forward with a convincing argument seems all the more valid if we realize that he speaks without leaning on the support of any academic education, but only on a personal and continuous empiric stratification which he has gained through his work, more laborious and suffered than any regular course. Thought on art. “Art is the essence of life itself” Thought on life. “Life is awareness - knowledge intended to grasp the most important aspects of existence itself”. Documentation from reviewer. “Angelo Marchetti’s art appears simple and complex at the same time. The Milanese artist, who always attributed little importance to gallery exhibitions because of his reserved temperament, is finally putting on display a valid overview of his latest artistic production. This exhibition can be considered an anthology, for all his previous productions are distributed among a large number of collectors. Angelo Marchetti is well known to the public and he is surrounded by a wide range of professionals and amateur estimators. Angelo Marchetti’s pictorial technique is strikingly simple: faint colors, without consistency nor thickness. Every work is conceived as a large-scale creation that gives prominence to the sculptural structures and the perspective audacity born out of expressive eagerness, without any composition study nor preliminary sketches, in the impressionist way. Brush-strokes always have a dramatic touch. Errors, even if evident and easily corrigible, are never corrected so as to make more penetrating the pictorial theme that the artist has long pondered”.


by Antonino De Bono

Main target of Angelo Marchetti was to provide to his paints a lovable mistic rush, to permeate on a fine brightness tissue, to vibrate the spiritual essences and the bodies projected to discover the Life within irrational atmospheres full of metaphysics tensions. Angelo Marchetti is the lofty artist who identifies himself with ariostic’s lines without any rhetoric neither literary pinchbecks; he is the singer of....


by Giuseppe Nasillo

“More than figurative arts, in the common understanding, Angelo Marchetti’s compositions are the description of events showing spiritual forces fighting each other”.


1222 marchetti

by Alfredo Marchesi

Powers of mind, intellect, cleverness, are the most important powers that the Nature, created by God, provided to Humanity. His appear (last animal created by God at his resemblance) on all fours, wandering, astonish, present. Concentrated himself, growed, increased, took awareness of himself. Started to graffit on the stones, to cover himself, to extend for survival the complicated combination of his powers. Life started. The binomial (Art-Man) was created. You Angelo Marchetti whose life started to exalt very young, seems to advance into a driven wood where light slightly penetrates across the centenarian trees where the horizon just glimpses sometimes clear sometimes cloudy.... you followed not yourself, but the true favourite to God and preferred by all the Humanity, you reached the top for an artist making yourself as Teacher for the future Generations who will attempt to the Arts.


by Ettore Ceruti

«I believe there is no better way to define Marchetti’s pictorial works than as a wonderful travel through the infinite facets of the soul. He always succeeds to communicate, in a well-balanced and harmonious spatiality, a deepness of feelings. Through gentle, warm, fervent tones that create an aura of pure poetry, these feelings are expressed with lovingly and, we shall say, religious nuances. The observer is struck by the vigor of the ideas expressed that seizes the senses and gives a tangible guise to the ghosts of imagination. There is a continuous effort aimed at weakening and pulverizing colors in order to impose the construction and the display of an endless array of sentiments and wonderful beauties, that from the eyes descends into the soul restraining any temptation for effect or chromatic excess. His painting style is born out of trouble, out of the yearning for absolute pureness...».