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This portal is meant as a means of dissemination of artistic Angelo Marchetti, work that has evolved along a path of artistic life of 55 years well, intense and ongoing dedicated to art, especially the discipline of painting and sculpture. After the death of the artist, in autumn 2000, has felt obliged to share this cultural heritage, especially the artistic and human message is often present in works of art by Angelo.
• Attempts, who was in possession of works of Angelo Marchetti, with an invitation to contact the administrator of this site or the Web-Master, and because it is in place the composition of the General Catalogue of Works of Angelo Marchetti "is research and documentation also photographic art production of Angelo.
• If you have works of Angelo and you are interested in verifying the originality, obtain the relevant certification contact the Curator. This Web portal Please note that the colors in the photographs are reproduced with digital technology, which partially offsets the original colors of the work, also some pictures were supplied by collectors and / or scan old photographs come from archives, so the image quality, especially in color, is partially offset from the original. The paintings exhibited in various galleries in this web portal, can be viewed at the showroom Turchet Antiques in Milan, and Sunrise Gallery in Ferrara, for information on the vision of a specific work please write to Editor, you will be given all the relevant details: authentic condition of conservation work, willingness to direct vision and whether the same is available for sale. If you are interested to purchase a work of painter Angelo Marchetti published on this web portal, if not in the availability of the Editor, please write in and we'll contact the current owners of the work. No one is authorized to issue
All content on this website are protected by copyright laws, particularly the Law 633 of 22 April 1941 and subsequent amendments and additions.
• FULL AND EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY OF ALL AS CONTAINED IN THIS WEB SITE (pictures, drawings, graphics, photographs, texts, stories, novels, animations, logos and banners personal, etc.). And the legacy successor, appointed SIAE ROME AS WELL AS 'Editors SITE OF MISSING PAINTER SCULPTOR AND SCORING Angelo Marchetti (henceforth "heir-editors') or third parties who have authorized their use.
• Never use resume and / or reproduce in any way, download on other websites, either completely, partially, for any use, songs, stories, photos, parts and / or content on the pages of this site UNLESS BEHIND LEGACY-specific written authorization and Editors, however, only within the limits stated. © The images on the site may not be reproduced either partially or copied or published, or transferred or uploaded in any way. Any other use of images from this vision directly from the web, must always be authorized by the legitimate heirs of Angelo Marchetti, represented by the Administrator of this site, or upon request made at the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers of Rome (SIAE).
• The-Editors'EREDE is not linked to any sites listed or mentioned in this site and therefore is not in any way responsible for their content. The existence within this site for any hyperlinks (links) to them does not, by dell''EREDE-Editors, approval or acceptance of any responsibility for their content and / or use. The Editors-'EREDE makes no warranties about them and decline any liability. Any risk associated with their use is therefore borne by the visitor.
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