AM dicembre 1974brPersonal notes by Angelo Marchetti, to sketch a portrait for a personal show at the art gallery “La Cripta.”

"Angelo Marchetti, born in Milan in 1930: I have always painted and sculpted. For a short time, I joined the artistic scene, although not a specific school. I looked at past masters through the prism of my intuition, and tried to listen to, and learn from whom I considered to be the best artists of my times. I lived and worked outside the cultural establishment, while at the same time I always listened to inspiring people, so to learn to translate my feelings into actions. I realized my limitations, negotiating my presumptions within my humanity. As distinct from the transient reality I was weaving through with distractions—the work of living brought me face to face with my true self, perceived only in the silence of meditation. The intangible self, confirmed only within the inner silence. The truth of my trajectory can only be shown by my works, the articulation of my feelings and the continuity of my search. The only thing I know is that—like all of mankind—I have been called, but I do not care to be chosen. To witness the honesty of my work is only Him Who makes me feel like the expression of love. To Him alone I have to respond as an obedient particle of a harmonic universe."

Angelo Marchetti